Does your project look like this?

If that looks like your project, have you thought about converting the traditional cabling with our shielded flex cables? If not, please join us to booth M01 at the Printed Electronics Europe 2017 -exhibition in Berlin. Nowadays there are several obstacles with every electronics design project. When working with wearable or other lightweight project, the… Continue reading »


Here we go again, LOPEC’2017 is just starting. We have arrived into lovely, sunny and warm Munich again. Our hearts are full of confident and wonderful ideas. The conference has alread started and the exhibition starts tomorrow. We have placed the posters in the poster area and here you can see Antti showing off the… Continue reading »

IDTechEx Berlin 2016 – Thanks

The IDTechEx Europe 2016 held in Berlin, Germany is now over. We wish to thank all the visitors, customers, dealers, agents, new connections and old friends visiting our booth and of course the organizer IDTechEx for putting it all together. The exhibition was a great success and gave us the opportunity to showcase some interesting… Continue reading »

KasvuOpen 2016 Competition

New Cable Corporation has been accepted to Northern Finland area KasvuOpen competition. KasvuOpen is a Finnish startup competition where the purpose is to help startup companies to grow to their full potential. First round of the competition consists of three days, where companies are challenged and they need to show continuous improvement in order to… Continue reading »

It was great to see you at LOPEC

The LOPEC 2016 is now history, and most likely all us have safely returned to our homes. One long week, full with meeting old and new friends; new product idea development and just enjoyment of the atmosphere. For some of us, the return to home was requiring a bit more re-routing of flights, but eventually… Continue reading »

History of New Cable Corporation

History of New Cable Corporation dates back to summer of 2015. I had a dream, where a brown bear [lat. ursus arctos arctos]; sent to Finnish forest by Ukko (the major god of Finnish folklore); gave me original insight to nature and living. The bear spoke, “You know, they say that the world is not… Continue reading »

Thank you EnergyWeek @Vaasa

This week we were attending at Vaasa #EnergyWeek, we followed the seminars, took part in forums and were involved in other program. I wish to thank for the organizers for putting up such a great event and I really hope that you do it again next year. Also I wish to thank everybody I met… Continue reading »