History of New Cable Corporation

By   April 4, 2016

History of New Cable Corporation dates back to summer of 2015. I had a dream, where a brown bear [lat. ursus arctos arctos]; sent to Finnish forest by Ukko (the major god of Finnish folklore); gave me original insight to nature and living.

The bear spoke, “You know, they say that the world is not flat. But what does it give to you, if you believe otherwise. The world still feels flat, and it seems flat. Mountains and hills allow you to see far away, whereas lakes [in Finland there are many lakes] give you fish and water to drink.”

Deep, very deep was the wisdom of the Bear. Although I, as a civilized human being tried to explain that when viewed from space, earth is a ball.

“But you do not live in space, do you?”, Bear challenged me, and continued; “You think in words of progress, but you don’t understand them. How much do you need [I guess this was reference to food and shelter] to survive in Forest? How much do you humans take and consume. Do you breed extra children with the extra resources you cultivate?”

As the dialog continued, I was more and more impressed of the wisdom of the Bear. No wonder, if Ukko sent the Bear to us. Earlier in Finnish folklore bear was a sacred animal. It was dangerous animal, who ruled the forests. In order to avoid from anger of bear, Finns called bear with several names; such as “Otava [same as Big Dipper -star constellation], Fruit of Forest, King of Forest, Elder of Forest” and so on. The protection was achieved, since the Bear didn’t recognize the alternate names referring to him. It was also believed, that when Bear was sleeping during the winter, he was then communicating with afterlife. This was also done by shamans, but that is another story.

Surprisingly, we also talked about technology; I was amazed that a bear was so knowledgeable about electricity, as he pointed out later; “you do know that the electricity charge travels only in outer layer of copper cables? Why do you people use round cables? You do know that world is flat, could the cable be too?”

As I woke up, I knew what we should do. Therefore we say, “our world is flat”. My only question was; “Who sent the bear to my dream”


Image of Bear. By © Francis C. Franklin / CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35495250