Does your project look like this?

By   April 17, 2017

If that looks like your project, have you thought about converting the traditional cabling with our shielded flex cables? If not, please join us to booth M01 at the Printed Electronics Europe 2017 -exhibition in Berlin.

Nowadays there are several obstacles with every electronics design project. When working with wearable or other lightweight project, the importance of wiring becomes apparent. When working with low-power electronics, one important design requirement is that the power is not waisted in unwanted RF interference, which occurs if wiring is not shielded.

Benefits of shielded FFC

Did you know that we design and manufacture also customer specific shielded FFC cables? With shielded FFC cables several benefits can be achieved:

  • RF protection – the shielding saves you power, since your wiring is not working as antenna. This means that you also save money, since you need to have less filtering components on your pcb’s.
  • Clarity – no wrong installation of separated wires. Since installation of FFC to proper connectors forces correct order of wiring.
  • Weight save – like in many modern day applications, the wiring can use more copper than the actual electronics.
  • Space save in cabling support – FFC can be attached to body for example with adhesive tape. The tape can be attached to cable during manufacturing process.

These are just the first few examples of advantages. Please come and join us at our booth (M01) and we will talk through how we can help you to make your project more lightweight, flexible and protected.