About us

Here you will find everything you need to know about New Cable Corporation:

  • The Dream tells the prophetical history behind the launch of the company.
  • The People shows you the actual humans who are working with you.
  • Our Mission, the motivation that push us forward in the long roads of development work.

The (short) Company History

The company was founded in February 2016 at Oulu Finland during the PrintoCent Innofest’16 -pitch event by Antti and Tommi after pitching the idea of manufacturing flexible USB cables. Later the USB connectors were found to be (at that time) too difficult and expensive to be used in small quantity manufacturing. Perhaps somebody will need bigger amount of cables and it will become affordable.

In 2016 the company took part to KasvuOpen -sparring competition, didn’t win, but received a lot of help and support for reaching the goals. The knowledge gained will manifest it self later.


We are also a member in the following clusters and organisations: