Our Mission

We work in a world saving business. Our world is flat, since in SFFC there is more surface compared to traditional cabling, but less material. More surface means more throughput for the application.

Wireless communication and power transfer is increasing while, as contradictory as it seems, better quality cable demand is growing in order to implement the high reliability infrastructure. The connection between PCB and wireless antenna requires high quality cabling.

No more savings can be expected from traditional cabling which are bulky and subjected to EMI interference while the reliability of cabling is an absolute necessity since human lives and cargo have value.


At New Cable Corporation we are committed to solve these problems by offering high quality reliable flat cables, which are lighter and more eco-friendly. Our cables have a reduced carbon footprint as less material is necessary for their production and their transportation is facilitated given their flat shape. There is also a possibility to embed antennas, LEDs, IC’s and other functionality, as needed.