Tommi Rintala, CEO


Tommi Rintala is experienced technology professional and inventor with strong background in software engineering, project management and telecommunications. He is also familiar with fault-tolerant computer system design, and automation technology such as applying near-infrared spectroscopy in food quality control in the food production- and delivery chain. Lately he has been focusing in closed communication, embedded computing withdatabase systems and mobile added reality apps. And of course some hacking with multiple programming languages. If calendar allows, a game or two of ADOM or Nethack might be in order.

Antti Backman, Connector

Antti Backman is professional industrial designer with background of marketing and sales. He is also familiar with electric engineering, physics and has wide experience of material technology. For years he has worked with commercialization of printed electronics and he has been active with the whole development road from the idea in to market. Experience have been gathered from failures and innovations. Lately the author’s focus have been on wearable electronics and printed connectivity. He sees printed electronics as an enabler and also as enhancer.

The Bear, Inspiration
brown bear

The bear, king of the forest, the loom of all mighty. He keeps wondering in the great forests of Finland. Trying to avoid humans, although shows up for camera occasions. More importantly, trying to stay up with the important things of life.