Co-operation Partnership

By: Tommi Rintala

New Cable Corporation, SamwonAct and ToBa have signed on October 4th 2022 manufacturing, marketing and development co-operation agreement in a field of automotive cabling. Main focus is in developing energy efficient light-weight and flexible cable harnesses for modern automotive customers. The weight savings gained in cabling improve radically the efficiency of automotive.

SamwonAct business ranges are diversified from I/O LINK interface terminal block, Relay Board, QPORT Site wiring Solution, Cable Entry system, EcoFlex high Flex cable system for dust-free clean room, PLC I/O cable, Servo Cable, CC-Link Cable, Optical cable, Cable Harness, to Wiring accessories. SamwonAct products are qualified by international quality standard system by CE and RoHS.

ToBa Co., Ltd. is a company that redefines, manufactures, and supplies roll-to-roll (R2R) systems for the production of specific products such as bio-products, battery products, and flexible electronics.