Redesign and piloting

Once the decision to change the world is taken then the projects start commonly with redesigning of existing electrical cabling. The average cost for proof-of-concept starts from few tens of kilo Euros depending on the complexity of the cable/cable harness. This includes NRE and small series of cables. Pilot series has some NRE involved as the preparation for mass manufacturing needs certain planning and machinery adjustments.

We understand that the transition cost from old technology to new technology may feel high but in this case the cost is an investment for the sustainable future. The real business gains for you are achieved in high volume manufacturing as the material consumption is minimal compared to round electrical cables.

Eliminate those BOM -lines

Connecting the SFFC is easier than connecting any other cable. Simple flat clamps can be used or the connections can be integrated directly to components and subassemblies, thus eliminating the use of connectors completely.

End User example

Driverless electrical underground truck unit in mine cave.

Driverless electrical underground truck

Imagine a underground truck that is operated in a mine. This truck is equipped with Shielded Flat Flexible Cable (SFFC) harness that saves 100 kg of weight compared to similarly performing round cable. Thanks to SFFC, the truck is able to take the saved 100 kg extra payload. The truck is operated one thousand times in and out if the  mine.

1000 x 100 kg = 100 000 kg -> Extra 100 metric tonnes per truck. This calculation applies to most passenger and material handling vehicles.


We offer consultation for the electrical cable redesign and connectorless design. Teaching and workshops are also offered.