About Us

We believe that good cable design is not just about creating an intelligent solution of form and function.

It is also a concrete action of increased sustainability in terms of savings in materials, weight and cost.


Our technology is designed to save up to 90% of the weight of the solution.

It offers supreme lifecycle impact in:

  • material consumption
  • energy consumption
  • environmental strain

Level Approach

Collaborative design process

The ultimate objective of New Cable Corporation is to design and offer flat, flexible cable and harness solutions to save space, weight, material, and cost.

We aim to ensure that our products have the sustainable technology best suited to our customers’ requirements.

We correspond to customer specifications with procedures utilizing solution design levels, a mechanism where solution design is established through three customized stages. These levels are completed in collaboration with the customer.

After the solution design is finalized, we offer customized modes of production and lifecycle services to meet the customer standards.

Familiarize yourself with our services through the Level Approach presented in the following pages.

Solution Design Levels

Level 1 – Solution specification, Materials and Feasibility
  • Reviewed Customer Concept Technical Specifications
  • Preliminary estimate of pricing in requested production series
  • Cable material stack specification
  • Proof of Concept
Level 2 – Prototype
  • Single iteration prototype based on the reviewed technical specifications
  • Budgetary calculation of pricing in volume production
Level 3 – Production Ready Demonstrator
  • A performance-tested demonstrator based on reviewed customer-specific prototype
  • Conclusive offer of the pricing in the series production
  • Level 3 demonstrator conforms series manufacture products

“We welcomed the offer of a Joint Solutions Development project from New Cable Corporation as a step from ideation towards finding a concrete solution to our demand. The result of our first project was a prototype and pile of relevant data to be considered in further development. We will proceed with testing and iteration of the solution knowing this will massively enhance our own product performance and customer satisfaction” – Burrhus Lang, CEO – Leonhard Lang GmbH

Production and Service Levels

Level 4 – Series Production
  • Customer-specific flat cable solution delivery
  • Production options offered for the Customers:
    • Producing flat cable solutions with manufacturing partners
    • Licensing
    • Joint Manufacturing
Level 5 – Service
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Customized Service Agreements
  • On-demand Services
Level 6 – Life Cycle and Recycling
  • Continuous improvement of technologies and materials
  • Active research and development on product and production improvements
  • Recycling research and services for solutions produced and customers served

“Our goal was to develop a completely new product for Automotive markets. The product was completed with the flat cables from the New Cable Corporation. This project would not have been possible without the flat cables designed particularly for us. We were very happy about the flat cables New Cable Corporation provided to us. The cables worked as planned, power, data and heat transferred with ease.” J.A, N.P

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who has the flat cable solution design responsibility?

The flat cable solution is designed together with the customer. New Cable Corporation has the knowledge on the electrical and material criteria and production knowledge whereas the Customer has the knowledge on the use case. The design criteria are agreed at the beginning of the project Level 1.

Q: Who takes care of the Project Management?

Project Management is agreed at the project Level 1. The overall project can be managed by the customer or by the New Cable Corporation. It is important that adequate project resources are appointed by the both parties to ensure smooth project completion.

Q: Who owns the jointly developed cable solution?

The ownership of the designed product is agreed with the customer at the beginning of the project Level 1 or at later levels based on the customer requirements.

Q: You use production partners. Are you able to do prototypes in-house?

New Cable Corporation can make simple prototypes in-house but for more complex prototypes, the manufacturing is made with our production partners.

Q: Is it possible to license the jointly developed cable solution?

Yes it is. This can be agreed on any project Level based on the feasibility of the final cable solution.

Q: We are new to Printed Electronics, can you teach us?

This is possible. New Cable Corporation offers also consultancy that can be agreed directly with our sales.

Q: Can you transfer you technology?

New Cable Corporation is ready to negotiate on this topic.

Q: What kind connectors can be used?

There is wide selection of connectors to choose. New Cable Corporations own Pocket Connector is one option. Depending on the application, most standard SMT and THT type connectors can also be used.

Q: Are the flat cables for power or signal transfer?

The flat cable can be used both, signal and power transfer. RF up to 10GHz and Power up to 400A are currently available.

Q: What is Pocket Connector?

New Cable Corporation has invented and patented new type of flat connector. It is one of the most light weight connectors in the market, with superior functionality.